Dr Vincent Udenze currently works as a Consultant Psychiatrist with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust. He is the lead Consultant in Adult ADHD services in East Birmingham. His is the President of an International mental health charity, Reconnect Health Development Initiative. Through this charity he serves as a consultant to the Northern Governors’ wives forum on their program curbing the menace of drug addiction in Northern Nigeria.

Dr Udenze Is the Medical Director of Primly Services which is the first organization to offer NAFDAC Approved Urine drug test kits. Primly services recently lunched the first Gene-Assay testing service in West Africa. This gene assay supports clinicians to choose the right medications for their mentally ill patients based on their DNA profile rather than trial and error methods.

In a bid to give back to his home country, Nigeria, Dr Udenze set up Synapse Services, a centre for psychological medicine offering in and outpatient mental health and drug rehabilitation centres with branches in the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria . Synapse services is the largest provider of private mental health care in West Africa. Synapse Services is the only centre in West Africa to provide Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation   of the brain. This treatment method is used in managing some mental illnesses, addiction, trauma, some neurological conditions etc

He is a humanitarian, motivational speaker and a nationalist. He believes in the Nigerian dream and remains resolute in contributing his quota to nation building.