World leaders, citizens and institutions worldwide are concerned about what the future holds. The rapidity of innovations and change in the political, business and professional space is perhaps more pronounced in our generation than ever before.  Nations worry, not about the inevitability of change, but about the capacity to predict, navigate and transform institutions to positively manage the present and future in a way that nourishes sustainable growth in wealth generation, freedoms, peace and security.

Nigeria recently welcomed a new democratic administration following the just concluded 2019 general elections.  A new administration of the Nigerian Bar was ushered in last year. Within the period of 6 years, Nigeria has moved from a booming economy, through a recession and recovery from the recession. These events underscore the exigencies for a well-defined, deliberate template for “Facing the Future”. The Conference will address issues around the rule of law, independence of the judiciary, access to justice and protection of fundamental human rights, the economy and how to pilot the present to assure a better future. The theme “Facing the Future” is borne out of the pressing need to invest in a sustainable foundation for an optimistic future.

The twin of globalization and technology has evolved exponentially over the years and has disrupted every fibre of society. Artificial intelligence, block chain, financial technology, cloud computing, electronic documentation and electronic discovery are a few of the technologies that have directly and would continue to impact the manufacturing and services sector including legal and justice sub-sectors. The Conference will interrogate the current legal regulatory environment, lawyers’ response to technology and preparedness to harness these tools for efficient legal services delivery and a technology driven judiciary.

The 2019 NBA Conference places the NBA Sections and their respective specialist committee sessions at the heart of the conference programme for capacity building. Lawyers will have a real opportunity to focus on their areas of interest and benefit from exposure to emerging practice areas to be better equipped and reinforced to Face the Future.

The Conference will feature: (i) keynote addresses and showcase sessions from world renowned political and business leaders; (ii) practice areas training for lawyers; (iii) networking; and (iv) bonding and mentoring opportunities between bar leaders and millennials, amongst other benefits.

With an average of over 11,000 delegates comprised of lawyers, business leaders and a large youth population at the NBA Annual Conferences, the 2019 Conference is the place to be. The Conference will hold at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, from 23 to 29 August 2019.

The NBA welcomes delegates to the beautiful beaches, rich culture and bustling city of Lagos fondly referred to as the Centre of Excellence.

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